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keshar according to ayurveda

In Ayurveda, saffron is considered bitter and anodyne. It vitiates the three doshas and helps diseases of the head. In the Greco-Arabic system (Unani medicine) saffron is used for slimming, enlarged livers, urinary, bladder and kidney infections, menstrual disorders, for strengthening the heart and cooling the brain. With ghee, it is said to help diabetes.

benefits of kehar

In cold
For running noses of infants, give milk with one piece of saffron.

As a general tonic
Four to five stigmas of saffron are wrapped in a leaf of Piper betle. The leaf is then chewed. This is done every day throughout the winter.

In impotence
The essential oil contained in saffron produces an aphrodisiac effect due to slight stimulation of the central nervous system. In sexual debility, it is considered a sovereign remedy unsurpassed by the whole range of drugs in materia medica
As a nerve tonic
It has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also used for melancholia and neuralgia and rheumatic pains. For this, make a fine powder of 10 g each of saffron, senna, colchicum root and sugar. Take 125 mg of this mixture with water, twice daily.

Antidote to poisons
Used for both extraneous and internal toxins

In heart problems
Due to crocetin, saffron indirectly reduced cholesterol levels in the blood noted that it showed a remarkable effect on blood coagulation and platelet aggregation. It accelerated the in vitro fibrinolysis activity of urikinase.

Immunomodulatory effect
Is is observed that it had a modulatory effect on cisplatin-induced toxicity in mice. The saffron extract prevented the decrease in body weight, haemoglobin
Keshar levels and leucocyte counts caused by 2 mg/kg of cisplatin. Saffron prolonged the lifespan also.
Relieves Menstrual Cramps
Traditionally, girls and women who have been facing tremendous menstrual cramps and abdominal pain are suggested to eat or drink things that are warmer. Saffron milk renowned for its rich anti-inflammatory properties is one warm and soothing potion women opt for during the times of heavy abdominal pain and menstrual cramps to get some relief.

Good For Heart
A pinch of saffron could also do wonders for your heart. It can stimulate circulation and prevents hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis) according to the book 'Healing Foods'. The active compound crocetin that is found in saffron has been known for its role for reducing the cholesterol level in the blood and preventing heart-related diseases to a large extent.

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