Guggal Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

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guggal according to ayurveda

Guggal has been mentioned in Atheraveda and in most of the other ancient Ayurvedic works. It is considered dry, pungent, aromatic, a Rasayana, anti-tridosha, nutritive, Guggal lubricant for the body systems, stimulant and digestant. This gum is so important in Ayurveda that it constitutes a separate group of preparations under the general name guggal in materia medica. It is not possible to mention the details of all these so only selected uses are given here

For liver problems
Because of its dry nature guggal helps in sluggish liver.

For malaria
It helps in fever, when accompanied by shivering.

As an aphrodisiac
This effect, is probablys due to its power to dissolve fat from the arteries, which allow free flow of blood to sexual parts, and thus helps impotence, and in vaginal diseases.

For bronchial troubles
This effect is due to the gum’s pungency and hotness. In chronic cases of bronchitis and in tuberculosis it dissolves sputum and clears the throat. Ten grams of a preparation made from equal quantities of long pepper, Adhatoda leaves, honey and ghee is prescribed for these purposes.

For cardiac problems
It is used for heart diseases, blood pressure problems , anaemia and other diseases of the blood, normally along with pushkarmul.

As a diuretic
Through its diuretic effect, it dissolves kidney stones.

For digestive problems
In indigestion, diarrhoea, dysentery, gastroenteritis, inflammation of the intestine, it acts as an intestinal antiseptic. It may be mixed with an equal quantity of aloe extract to make a dose of 5 g.

For sexually transmitted diseases
It reduces the inflammation of the urinogenital tract. In gonorrhoea, it is given with Hemidesmus indicus, and in syphilis with Tinopsora.

For fractures
Pills made with equal quantities of this gum and shilajit (a bituminous herbo-mineral compound) are prescribed during fractures. A plaster of the gum is applied externally.

In gynaecological practices
It has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system. In general practice, pills made with gum guggal along with the extract of aloe and ferrous sulphate are given. In sterility due to leucorrhoea, guggal with Berberis extract is a drug of choice.

For skin diseases
In all types of skin diseases of unknown aetiology, a dose of 25–200 mg of gum guggal has been found to impart lustre to the skin, giving it a healthy look. It has given good results even in leprosy.

Side effects
It may cause rashes in some cases.
Guggal If not used in a proper way, it has a deleterious effect on the liver and lungs. Its use can cause excessive dryness of the body, impotence, giddiness and laziness. If any of these conditions exist then this gum should not be used for these and other related diseases.

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