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anantmul according to ayurveda

according to Ayurveda, it is cooling, sweet, anabolic, heavy, oily, bitter, aromatic laxative, sudorific and a blood purifier. It stimulates the flow of bile and is antidote to tridosha and body toxins. It helps in leucoderma, malodour from the body and bronchial problems, leucorrhoea, gastroenteritis, inflammation, physical weakness, fatigue, weight loss, threatened miscarriage and kidney stones. It can also cures skin diseases and ulcerations, especially those of syphilitic origin.

anantmul benefits

In urino-genital problems
With Tinospora and cumin, it relieves inflammation of urethra and burning micturition. The decoction of 3 g powder of the herb helps with prostate problems.

In sexually transmitted diseases
With Tinopspra spp., it is a valuable remedy for third and fourth stages of syphilis and its numerous manifestations. It may be used as follows:
1 Give a decoction made from equal parts of Citrullus colocynthis root, anantmul, Ichnocarpus, Hedyotis auriculata, to the patient as per the drinking capacity along with long pepper and Commiphora wightii powder.
2 Pulverize 5 parts of anantmul, 4 parts of Vetiveria, 5 parts of Cyperus scariosus, 6 parts of Picrorhiza and 4 parts of ginger. Prescribe a dose of 5–10 g of this preparation.

For infants and children
Hot infusion of the root with milk and sugar is a tonic for children with chronic coughs and diarrhoea.

As a laxative
Make a paste of 25 g each of anantmul, Pavonia odorata, Cyperus rotundus, ginger and Picrorhiza. Prescribe 10 g of this paste, twice daily with warm water.

Diuretic effect
The decoction of root increases urine output by three to four times. When used with Tinospora spp. this herb’s effect is enhanced further.

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